£13,260+ given to charities – our Year in review 2020

About - £13,260+ given to charities – our Year in review 2020

Hi, Rich Sutcliffe here, the founder of Agency For Good and today is the 2nd anniversary of our launch. 

We launched in January 2019 with a belief that Agency For Good can significantly increase positive social and environmental impact in the UK. We do this by helping third sector organisations simultaneously generate and save more income, which is then used to help bring about meaningful change. 

We offer any 3rd sector organisation 6 hours of advice or consultancy to help with their marketing and digital strategies. In the early days this was only 2 hours each but we soon realised that this wasn’t enough to make a meaningful change within the organisation. 

We want to support others create that impact and everything we do we aim to do for the right reasons.

2020 was a fairly tricky year for a lot of people and we’ve been there to support as many charities and social enterprises as we can to help in our own small way.

During 2020, we’ve managed to deliver 442 hours of marketing support to well over 100 different charities and social enterprises. That’s an increase of 23 hours on last year and it is the equivalent of giving away £13,260. But, we give skills that can be used to generate more of their own funds in a more sustainable way and help their causes, which has immeasurable value. 

None of these hours are funded by external bodies, it is our social purpose and way of giving back. It may be worth noting that, up until recently, I was the only employee of the business (more on this later).

In addition to that, the amount that we save charities and social enterprises on our paid for services has massively increased, we haven’t got an exact figure for that but in 2019 it was around about £35,000 based on the next best priced quotes. For 2020, it’s going to be a lot more than that. This for us is one of our key things because we want charities and social enterprise to spend the money on the people or the cause that need it the most rather than on expensive services.

It’s been a pleasure to support charities and social enterprise mainly in Yorkshire but across the whole of England, Scotland and Wales and we’ve delivered a lot of paid for projects this year. This has been across strategy and communications, many websites, email and social media support, branding projects, video projects, admin support, PR and grant writing. 

On the website side of things we have also given away 4 free websites to charities that were really stretched for funds and just needed some kind of presence up there to help with their fundraising efforts. 

We’ve also this year become a family business. My wife, Viky Sutcliffe joined us in November and Viky has worked for organisations including Unltd The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, Get Out More CIC, Keighley Big Local, Bradford Environmental Action Trust and other charities in the Yorkshire region as well. Viky brings a wealth of experience to help us drive even more impact this year. 

In addition to this, we work in a slightly different way by not having employees and instead work with the best local freelancers and small businesses. Importantly they share similar values, have vast amounts of experience and understand our vision. For 3rd sector organisations this means we can pass on savings for services while still getting the best quality as we are not lumbered with big overheads. This is to say a huge thanks to our talented team, we couldn’t do it without you.

So in 2021, we’re not trying to rock the boat too much but we still want to deliver 500 hours of free support to charities and social enterprises. Really, we just want to create as much positive impact and help people as much as possible in a year where it’s really going to be needed.

Thanks for supporting us for the last 2 years and if you would like us to support you please visit https://agencyforgood.co.uk/ 



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