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6 hours of free marketing help to be used to help you help more people.

No catches, just good, honest and impartial advice.

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– Must be an organisation with clear social values and aims. You do not neccesarily need to be registered as a charity, social enterprise, CIO etc but this would help.

– We want to help smaller organisations. We do not have a specific condition on this but please bear in mind when applying.

– We give 6 hours of consultancy and all of this does not need to be used in one go but we ask that you commit to the process (see below)

– You give us permission to use your logo and provide feedback on the sessions.

– Please be mindful that there may be a wait for the first session due to high demand.

That’s it!

Please apply via the form below.


Once you have applied we will let you know within one week if we can support you.

Once confirmed we will set a date for an initial phone call to gain more background and identify the best areas we can help you in the time. We are very mindful that this matches the amount of time you have to implement any suggestions.

Common areas that we help with are:

– Impactful Messaging

– Brand Communications

– Social Media Strategy / Training

– Marketing Strategy and Tactics

– Website Advice

– SEO advice

– Content Strategies

– Commercial Planning

– Creative Marketing Ideas


We then set a first meeting via Zoom to detail out any plans or help based on our conversation.

We aim to give you tools and skills to make you as sustainable as possible.

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