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About - Charity website stakeholder interview template

As a provider of website design and dev services for charities, Agency For Good understands the importance of conducting user research when creating a new website. User research involves gathering information about the target audience for a website, so that the website can be designed and developed to meet their needs. One way to do this is by conducting stakeholder interviews to gather feedback on the current website and ideas for the new one. Here’s a template of questions that charities can use to guide their stakeholder interviews:

Can you tell me about your experience using the current website? What do you like and dislike about it?

What are the primary goals and objectives of the website?

Who are the primary users of the website?

What are the primary tasks that users come to the website to complete?

What are the main challenges and pain points that users experience with the current website?

How do users currently access the website (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet)?

Are there any specific features or functionality that users would like to see on the new website?

Are there any specific design elements or aesthetics that users would like to see on the new website?

Are there any integrations that need to be made with other systems?

Are there any specific accessibility needs for the website?

These questions are a starting point for the research and you may add, remove or modify as necessary to fit your specific needs. Remember, the purpose of this user research is to gather valuable insights into the target audience’s needs and preferences, which can help inform the design and development of a new website that is tailored to meet those needs. At Agency For Good, we understand the improtance of user research in creating effective and user-friendly websites, and we are committed to working closely with our clients to conduct user research and create websites that meet the needs of their target audience.

If you are looking for help with Charity Web Design or Social Enterprise Web Design or any questions about the above content please feel free to get in touch.

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