How to use Twitter for your Nonprofit

How to use Twitter for your nonprofit

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Twitter is unique in that posts are limited to 280 characters and this allows for content which is concise and impactful.

Twitter also has a high volume of content, with 500 million tweets being published every day.¹

Therefore a challenge that comes with Twitter is making sure that your campaign or cause stands out above the noise.

Images, videos and more creative content can help to achieve this. For example, there are only a small percentage of Tweets every day containing Gifs but these have been found to have 55% more engagement than posts without.¹


For the development of an organisation or campaign, Twitter can be a good tool for connecting directly with people as users can directly @ your account.

Because of this, it is a popular platform for providing customer service, shown by the fact that 85% of small and medium businesses use Twitter for this purpose.’¹

It is also a simple and quick way for nonprofits to answer questions and gauge interest in events with minimal resources needed.


Hashtags are used on all social media platforms now, but Twitter is particularly optimised for this feature.

Using popular hashtags related to current events may help to drive more traffic to your post, and creating original and unique hashtags can help to spark conversation and set aside your campaign from others.


71% of Twitter users get their news from the platform,¹ which makes it perfect for making announcements due to its fast paced and timely nature.

Events are often live-tweeted, allowing people to be engaged from afar, and may persuade them to become more involved in future happenings.

This characteristic of Twitter can be used advantageously to generate buzz around a particular occasion, campaign or fundraiser.

The short form of tweets means that it is easy to keep people informed without requiring too much time or planning.


The best day for interaction with nonprofits on Twitter is Wednesday, inkeeping with the trend that there is more interaction midweek as opposed to a drop in engagement on Saturdays and Sundays.²

These data can be useful in showing the best times to schedule posts if an aim of your online marketing is to reach as many people as possible.



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