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Pascal and Mind ‘N’ Health

Mind ‘N’ Health are a Leeds-based social enterprise who are currently providing essential services and working towards their two main goals: combating the problem of loneliness and social isolation amongst the elderly and providing services and advice to help improve mental health within corporate organisations.


Loneliness and social isolation are problems which are especially prevalent among the older portion of our population and it is thought that around 10% of the older population, or around 900,000 older people in the UK suffer from loneliness.¹

Mind ‘N’ Health are tackling this problem by using technology in new and innovative ways, providing a digital inclusion service which gives these isolated people the relevant technological skills and platform to be able to interact with the wider world and feel more connected to their community.

Further to this, the current situation caused by the advent of COVID-19 has posed a further challenge wherein the vulnerable and elderly may become more isolated than ever, which is why Mind ‘N’ Health have begun plans for daily engagement via phone calls to elderly people.

Mind ‘N’ Health also offer services to businesses and organisations to help them improve and maintain the good mental wellbeing of their employees, the profits from which are funnelled back into improving and expanding their projects and increasing their impact on the community.

They also offer workshops and training for corporate organisations. These services include assessing a business’s specific needs and helping them to design mental health strategies and improve their health and wellbeing policies, all of which ultimately improve the wellbeing and performance of employees.


The work of Mind ‘N’ Health is vitally important and even saves lives, as studies have shown that loneliness has an extremely detrimental effect on not just mental but physical health and can significantly decrease the life expectancy of a sufferer.

Among other threats, it has been shown to increase blood pressure, risk of heart disease and has been paralleled to smoking 15 cigarettes a day in terms of the risk of early death.²

Decreasing loneliness also has much wider implications outside of the individual; the work of Mind ‘N’ Health also helps to alleviate strain from the NHS. People who are lonely or living alone are much more likely to access emergency healthcare services and visit their GP more regularly¹.

By reducing loneliness among the elderly, Mind ‘N’ Health are having a much more profound and wide impact than anyone might imagine. They are expanding and enriching the lives of the people they help, but also reducing the strain on the NHS caused by widespread loneliness and potentially saving many more lives in the process. 

Therefore, through both their work with the elderly and their services to corporate organisations, Mind ‘N’ Health benefit almost all parts of the community in some way, be it employees of organisations, the isolated elderly or NHS workers and customers.


With just a small team of people consisting of Rich Sutcliffe, Tina Zardiashvili, Abdul Rahman Kotia, Francis Granger and headed by Pascal Navelle who established the organisation, Mind ‘N’ Health are already achieving great things but have plans to further scale up their services in order to provide help for everyone who needs it.

They are also in the process of developing a purpose-built digital product tailored for use by elderly people.

These achievements and plans to grow have been aided by Agency for Good’s services. Pascal has high praise for Rich Sutcliffe’s Agency for Good, which has been instrumental in motivating and nurturing the growth of the company. He has provided free marketing and branding advice and given the business a clearer plan and direction.

Agency for Good have also given Mind ‘N’ Health opportunities to forge new connections, opening them up to their major partners and collaborators.


Anyone can help Mind ‘N’ Health by volunteering with their digital inclusion service or by donating to this cause to help fund an increase in the scale of their services.

Now more than ever Mind ‘N’ Health’s services are impacting and saving the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

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