Why you should sign up to the charity Google Ads Grants

About - Why you should sign up to the charity Google Ads Grants

As a provider of digital marketing services for charity in the UK, AFG understands the importance of utilising all available resources to help organisations achieve their goals. One such resource we highly recommend is the Google Ad Grant programme.

The Google Ad Grant program is a program offered by Google to eligible non-profits organisations. It provides a $10,000 per month in-kind advertising credit to use on Google Ads. This can be a powerful tool for charities as it allows them to reach new donors, vols and supporters and promote their cause to a wider audience online.

Here are a few reasons why charities in the UK should consider applying for a Google Ad Grant:

Increased Visibility: The Google Ad Grant can help charities increase their visibility online and reach new audiences. By creating targeted ads on Google, charities can raise awareness about their cause and connect with potential donors and supporters.

Cost Effective: The Google Ad Grant is a cost-effective way for charities to promote their cause and reach new audiences, as it allows organisations to use up to $10,000 in advertising credit per month, which can have a big impact on their marketing efforts.

Measurement and Reporting: The programme provides access to detailed measurement and reporting tools that can help organisations track their ad campaign performance, this can be useful to improve their efforts and allocate their resources more efficiently.

Educational resources: The program includes access to educational resources such as webinars and training materials to help nonprofits learn how to make the most of their A.G., this can help organisations to better use the grant and improve their chances of success.

At Agency For Good, we understand the value of the Google Ad Grant program and we are well equipped to help our clients through the application process and set up their ad campaign. We are committed to helping charities and non-profits organisations to connect with their audience and promote their cause in the most effective way possible.

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