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A new award from Agency For Good.


For the last 4 years we have made it our mission to help organisations that are doing good.

During this time we have provided our time and expertise through free consultancy which has now helped over 250 organisations and equates to around 1300 hours.

We are currently in the process of moving this element of our work to what will be a free e-learning platform to help for good organisations with marketing knowledge.

We are also now in the fortunate position to be able to not just pass on our knowledge, but also implement this through our new marketing award which consists of the package below.


Value of services donated

Number of organisations helped

The marketing package we have put together will include

Marketing Consultancy

A 1 hour marketing workshop to discuss how you can improve your marketing overall. Access to our academy for skills to keep improving your marketing.

Logo and Brand Guidelines

We will create you a brand to engage your audiences and delivered by experienced designers to make you stand out from the crowd

Website Design and Build

AFG build websites that look great and also give you control and sustainability. We design with your customers in mind for the best experience.

1 month of Social Media support

We will manage your social media channels for one month and give you all the tools you need to take this forward on your own.

This package has been valued by us at £3,500 but this is based on our pricing which tends to be lower than the average.


Full Award

One organisation will be chosen to receive the full award


Match Funded Awards

Two organisations will be chosen to receive the match funded award

Eligibility Criteria

Must be a UK based and registered organisation (Charity, CIO, CIC (LBG)) with clear social values and aims.

The organisation must have been registered for less than 5 years at the time of application.

Can show clear evidence of creating social impact or a clear plan of how this will be achieved.

We cannot support religious or political based organisations.

We cannot support organisations that are arms of for profit entities.

Depending on numbers of applications received we may not be able to provide feedback.

Application Information

These awards are intended to be run quarterly. Please note that we are funding this from our own profits so we can make no guarantees that they will always be available. We operate with minimal overheads and a small team which means using our trusted team of freelancers. We are not asking them to do this for free.

Application opening date: 1st March 2024

Application closing date: 16th April 2024

Award winners notified: 24th April 2024 (This may be subject to change depending on the numbers of applications received)


Are there any ongoing costs?

We will cover the first year of hosting for you. After this the cost is £80pa. There are no other ongoing costs.

Can I get the award and use another supplier?

This will not be possible.

What is the selection process?

On receipt of applications and once the deadline has passed we will review the applications internally and create a shortlist.

Those that make this shortlist will have shown clearly that they are the best people to run the organisation, are in this line of work for the right reasons and have a clear record or plan of creating social impact.

This shortlist will then be reviewed by people not employed by Agency For Good and as independent as possible to ensure a fair selection. A huge thank you to the judges for this process who are senior members of TSL Kirklees, Future Transformation and Discover Tai Chi

They will then reccomend a final 3 for the full award and match funded awards.


What do you mean by match funded?

We have valued the total package at £3,500 (in reality it would cost a bit more than that). The match funded awards mean we would cover 50% of the costs and you would pay the other 50%.

If you select to be included for the match funding we ask that you have the funds to cover your 50% for the start of the award.

What if we don't need all the elements of the award package?

This is no problem at all. We won’t force you to have an element if not needed or you are happy with what you currently have. We will give advice around this though and make suggestions for improvements or developments we could include instead.

If you would like us to notify you of the opening of the award please fill out the details below and we will contact you once it is live

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