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Dalton Together is a community led partnership organisation that aims to strengthen the community across the Dalton Ward in Huddersfield by Speaking up for the community, working together to make a bigger impact and seizing opportunities to build a thriving community.

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The Project

We started working with Dalton Together back in November 2019 very early in their journey to become a community partnership organisation. We met with the steering committee to understand the key goals for the organisation and build a plan to build awareness of its activities. Underpinning this was a need to build a plan which meant all of this would be manageable by themselves to take the organisation forward.

Initially we came up with an overall strategy to build awareness with its 4 key audiences to ensure its overall success. Part of this was to ensure the messaging engaged these audiences and that consistency could be easily attained for all of the team. The output for this was a comprehensive Strategy and Communications Guidelines document. This included a timeline of operational and marketing activities based on a small budget and our ethos, as ever, was to stretch this as far as possible for the maximum impact.

We provided a new professional but friendly brand and logo, new website and set up and managed the social media channels and marketing administration for 6 months upon launch.

Dalton Together now have a solid following and more importantly a sustainable way of managing this going forward with a volunteer trained by us to take this forward.

It has been a pleasure working with the whole team and we are happy to be handing this over in March 2021.

A word from Cheryl at Dalton Together

When we were establishing Dalton Together as a community partnership organisation, I wanted to ensure I brought on board a marketing and comms business that had similar values to our own – one that understood the importance of working with residents, partner organisations, community groups and businesses to make good things happen with people.  When I heard about Agency for Good from Kirklees Third Sector Leaders, I knew they would put our needs over profit and that they would do their best to help us develop our volunteer led community organisation and help us put in place everything we needed to support us make an impact and raise our profile in our community.

The team at agency for good were fantastic in supporting us to structure our comms priorities, helping us to prioritise with our funding what needed to happen first and so on – we started with a marketing and engagement strategy which Rich ensured was an inclusive process, ensuring a range of voices and views were fed in ……. We then moved forward with our website development, creation of our logo and branding and more recently putting in place our social media platforms and social media messaging.  It has been really beneficial working with Agency for Good and the added value they offer shouldn’t be underestimated; this has included; marketing and technical support when it’s been needed along with coaching and training a valued Dalton Together volunteer who will take the marketing and comms reins going forward, building on the building blocks Rich and his team have helped us put in place.  At all stages, they have balanced being professional, experienced, approachable, responsive, helpful and supportive making it a first-class comms and marketing service, which the Dalton Together team have really valued.

Our sincere thanks go to Rich and his team for all their help and support over the last 18 months, we wouldn’t be where we are now without them…. Dalton Together despite the challenges of adapting to the restrictions and limitations that covid has presented are now firmly on the map and have a growing presence in the community and within the wider partnership networks for which we are grateful.

Cheryl Reid

Active Citizens and Places Officer & Representative of Dalton Together

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