About Discover Tai Chi

Sharing their passion for simple, evidence-based tai chi and qigong for health and wellness.

Discover Tai Chi take pride in offering a warm welcome and a safe, inclusive space for everyone.

They use new evidence-based approaches and teaching methods to deliver their workshops and online sessions.


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The Project

We started working with Discover Tai Chi in early 2020 just before we went into the first lockdown.

In the early stages we helped to guide them through a change from face to face sessions and largely word of mouth marketing to a more heavily weighted online approach.

This involved a closer look at their marketing strategies and their customer personas which involved research into their customers to understand how they would react to the move to a more online approach among other things.

One of the outcomes of this was to move their classes online and we helped by building an online platform. This enabled them to not only market themselves better through good use of SEO and communications, but allowed a full online delivery of their courses and subscriptions.

This has already seen good results in a number of individual and corporate bookings.


We also worked with Discover Tai Chi on a PR campaign to secure coverage for the business.

Over a 3-month campaign from November 2020 we have been delighted to have success with both pitches and press releases written and distributed for Phil and Helen from Discover Tai Chi. 

Our aim was to position Phil and Helen as experts in their field, with the emphasis that their practice is very much evidenced-based. To position Discover Tai Chi, Phil and Helen as experts in the field of evidence led Tai Chi for health & wellbeing. We were aiming to secure coverage in local, business, HR, health professionals & wellbeing media and with Phil and Helen identified a number of key publications they wanted to reach. 

Phil’s story is a powerful one: he lost his leg in an accident and has used Tai Chi to help him cope with the emotional and mental health impact of life changing trauma and is now working to support others reduce their feelings of anxiety, frustration and depression.
Being outdoors and having a connection with nature played an important part in his recovery, as Phil explained to me when we were pulling the campaign together “Green spaces, even a view out of a window onto a garden area, can help people cope and manage better. I often encourage people who take part in our classes and workshops to see if they can find a little private space, a garden if they have one, where they can practise their Tai Chi form outside. 

The lockdown rules still allow people to exercise outdoors and so finding a quiet corner in a park to practice is an ideal way of combining the benefits of nature and Tai Chi.”

Over a 3-month campaign from November 2020, we have been delighted to have success with both pitches and press releases written and distributed for Phil and Helen from Discover Tai Chi. 

Take up of their story has been positive and we were particularly pleased to secure coverage in Happiful magazine – one of the target national publications for the campaign.

Now in the latter part of the campaign, as the UK is once again in lockdown, we are now focussing on workplace wellbeing and how Tai Chi can have a direct impact on improving employee’s mental health and wellbeing.  Phil and Helen have recently secured a couple of national contracts supporting employees with online sessions and we will be celebrating these successes as offer Tai Chi to promote mindfulness, co-ordination and mental clarity to businesses.

A word from Discover Tai Chi

“We chose to work with Agency for Good after we were recommended their services. We spoke with Rich and found he quickly understood the needs of our business and what approaches we needed to move us forward with our business plan. Over a period nine month team at Agency for Good tailored a comprehensive package that included marketing strategy, PR / social media strategy / email support, website build and support / LMS development, SEO, photography and video.

Rich and his colleagues are just a fab bunch of people to work with. They supported us through a very challenging period as we pivoted our business during the COVID pandemic. With support from Agency for Good’s team, we were able to create a slick, professional online presence, and think forwards with our strategy to placing ourselves in the marketplace. Within a couple of weeks of finishing our website we quickly picked up new corporate customers who had found us with a general such of the internet and chose our services based on our brand image and service offer. You can’t ask for a better start than that.

We feel we have a solid foundation for our business and look forward to working with Rich and his collegues at Agency For Good for a good while yet.

Not only are they super professional, they’re fab people to know and have a conversation with.

We wish Rich and Agency for Good all the very best for the future too.”

Phil and Helen – Discover Tai Chi

Interested in finding out more about Tai Chi? Click the button below and take a look at Phil and Helen’s online sessions.

Photography we shot to support the marketing

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