Demystifying Marketing Webinars

Charity and Social Enterprise Marketing Webinars

A series of free webinars run by Agency For Good, Unbranded Digital, Danells & Bewley, Meteoric Marketing and Ground Up Digital to help you focus your marketing. We aim to give you the tools and confidence you need to run amazing marketing campaigns. 

This series is aimed at 3rd sector organisations primarily but will also be useful for small businesses. If you are a sole trader or work in a small marketing team and want to learn about various areas of marketing then this series is for you. We will give practical and realistic tips you can use in your organisation in a friendly and non technical way. 

Take a look below at the individual webinars taking place, register and help your organisation create more impact.

Simplifying and demystifying Marketing

26th May @ 10am

This 40 minute webinar will help you understand the thought process behind creating great marketing plans. Marketing without a plan is a certain way of wasting lots of time and money. We will give you a framework to create effective ways of engaging all of your stakeholders, increase donations or income and save yourself time while doing it.

Communicating effectively – How to get your message across

28th May @ 10am

How to communicate effectively to get the right result

In this practical webinar, Marketing and Communications expert Angela Brown will share her experience to help you:

Plan content aimed at your target audience
Make an impact with headlines
Structure your content
Communicate clearly without waffle or jargon
Avoid common pitfalls
Check and have confidence in your content

PR: the basics of securing media coverage for your organisation

2nd June @ 10am

This 40-minute webinar provides an introduction to the basics of PR, helping you build relationships with the media and secure value coverage.  We will look at why you need a media strategy and the key elements to your PR campaign. The session will also cover how and why you should be collecting case studies, how to craft a press release and top tips on getting in touch with journalist and media outlets.

Digital Marketing simplified

4th June @ 10am

This 40 minute webinar will be a tour around the digital marketing world of Websites, SEO and Social. We’ll look at how your organisation can put all the pieces together to form an effective and streamlined digital marketing plan. We will aim to give you as much of our knowledge in 40 minutes with practical tips and tricks you can use to create more social and environmental impact.

Getting customers to come to you through Google.

9th June @ 10am

This 40 minute webinar will cover the basics of lead generation and how to generate work through online marketing, whether that be Search Engine Optimisation, Local SEO (including Google My Business) or Google Ads. We will look at the importance of setting up tracking to your campaigns and the basics of each type of digital marketing so you can supercharge your lead generation.

Don't press the boost button - A simple guide to creating a Facebook Ad

11th June @ 10am

Facebook’s biggest money earner is the blue ‘boost’ button on every post your company releases. However, pressing it leads to mixed results because it only provides you with about 10% of the full power of Facebook ads. This course will enable you to go beyond that blue button and create some amazing ads that really work for your organisation. 


Using marketing data for impact

16th June @ 10am

This 40 minute webinar will look at the impact of data and how it can be used to improve your website and marketing. We’ll look at Google Data Studio and how that can give you live, meaningful data for your business. We’ll also look at the standard Google suite of tools – Search Console & Google Analytics and how you can use them effectively. Finally, we’ll take a look at Hotjar and how this can be used to track user behaviour on your website. 

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