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Earthwatch Europe works to create a world where we live in balance with nature.

We help communities to protect the nature around them. We build meaningful nature connections and give people the tools they need to fight for our planet.

Working alongside communities and organisations, we build an understanding and a love of nature, and help everyone to protect the natural world. Guided by science and powered by people, we create change through connection.

People are the heart of everythingwe do. From the classroom to the boardroom and the field to the laboratory, we bring everyone together with the shared goal to protect our planet. We work where we can have the most impact, creating knowledge and inspiring action. We fight for our fragile planet with passion and with science – with our hearts and our minds.

Excellent Accessibility Standards

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Built in customisable contact forms

Fast loading times

Easy to edit for all team members

Advanced Filtering

Interactive Maps

Dynamic Page Templates

Connected Translated site –

Advanced newsletter integration

CRM Integration

E-Commerce with customised certificate generation

Eventbrite Integration

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