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Fall into Place are a not-for-profit organisation based in Seacroft, who use drama and creativity to increase confidence and wellbeing, build skills and reduce social isolation.

They run workshops and training across Yorkshire, providing a wide range of services including drama and summer clubs for children, intergenerational drama groups for adults, as well as training workshops for organisations, about public speaking and stress reduction.


Fall into Place runs groups and workshops, open to anyone no matter what their background, and with groups ranging from age 4 to 94! This means that they impact a wide range of people and have run drama sessions for carers, teenagers, people experiencing mental health challenges and a range of community groups.

One of their projects is an intergenerational drama group, who are open and welcoming for anyone to join them. They are currently working on creating and developing ideas and scenes for a play about Gallipoli during the war.

The small team working to run the organisation and its services includes managers and founders Sarah and Naomi, who work regularly with 4 other freelancers and 8 amazing volunteers.


The benefits from their creative activities and workshops come in many different forms, including increased confidence, wellbeing and skills. Not to mention the friendships that are formed and the importance of drama as a fun activity that often comes as a welcome release from the pressure and stresses of daily life. As their founder Sarah puts it: ‘There is no such thing as being too old to play – the more stressful times are, the more we need it!’

This confidence and wellbeing that grows as a result of the services provided by Fall into Place is an essential starting point for other aspects of life, and is what Fall into Place aims to focus on nurturing. This foundation of good health and self-esteem provides the basis for people to form better friendships and connections, build personal skills and ultimately realise their passions and achieve their goals.

This creative provision and skill building is especially impactful in Seacroft, being a deprived area which therefore has limited artistic and creative opportunity, something that Fall into Place are working hard to change. 


Anyone who is interested can join one of Fall into Place’s groups, which are low charge or even free, or can volunteer with the organisation. If you are a business you may benefit from hiring Fall into Place to run a confidence and wellbeing session, which will have a twofold effect. It will benefit your staff who will gain valuable skills in communicating with confidence and managing stress, as well as Fall into Place, as all profits are reinvested into community projects. 


Like with many not for profit organisations, the main challenges faced by Fall into Place are financial, given the necessity to provide the best services possible whilst covering basic costs such as salaries, office resources and rent. They are currently working to focus money from some of their much-appreciated grant givers into projects which can take place and continue to run during the time of Covid-19, and they are thinking creatively to adapt to the situation.

Sending out creative newsletters, sharing games and activities through social media and holding weekly zoom meetings with their intergenerational drama group are some of the things they have implemented in order to stay connected to their community. They are also creating activity packs to go out to older people and children in Seacroft and running a penpal scheme, in which 30 letters have gone out to older people so far. All of these incredible and innovative services mean that they can continue to make a difference and bring happiness and creativity to what is otherwise an extremely challenging and isolating time.  

Future plans for the organisation include running skills and wellbeing sessions for parents in Seacroft. They are also currently making workshops to build confidence and wellbeing for non profit organisations in Yorkshire, specifically tailored to this challenging time. 


After working closely with Agency for Good to understand and improve Fall into Place’s marketing, founder and manager Sarah has given the following testimonial:

“Agency for Good really helped us to understand marketing more and realise that it is not a bad thing! It is about sharing the great things you are offering and trying to ensure the right people are able to find and participate in that. On their advice we have marketed more and we have held a successful event and have had more bookings of our workshops, sadly several of these are now postponed, but we are working on finding ways to do versions of these online. Where there is imagination there is a way! Rich is always so helpful, very innovative and genuinely cares about the people he works with, I couldn’t recommend him more.”

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