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Amina Souleiman and Globalmama

My name is Amina Souleiman and I am the founder and one of the directors of Globalmama Enterprises Limited. 

Amina is a passionate human rights activist and advocate for the rights of women and girls. She has 21 years experience of working with women and young people and has developed and managed projects in the UK, Somalia and Tanzania. She has authored and co-authored six books of the real-life stories and first-person accounts of refugee women in the UK and rural herdswomen in Somalia.

We have a total team of 20 people based in Sheffield including Weris Abdi, Fatima Mohamed, Ikram Ali and Nuria Ibrahim.

Why did you start the organisation?

Globalmama was founded by female refugees who set out to overcome the hardship and inequality they faced. Believing in enterprise as a vehicle for their empowerment, they strived to generate opportunity and employment through the creation of new businesses. The women helped each other start their own small businesses, as well as setting up a shared catering company that utilises their rich culinary heritage. They then use the income from this catering service to provide a range of opportunities to other local refugee women, becoming a recognised community organisation in the process. Wanting to further empower local women and their families, they started searching for new sources of funding, and ended up receiving a number of grants to deliver a range of projects. 

What does your organisation do?


Globalmama Enterprises Limited is an established social enterprise and community organisation that focuses primarily on enterprise as a tool for social change. Utilising the dual approach of selfgenerated income from the catering business, and income from grants, we have a varied portfolio of initiatives and projects that address the hardships faced by refugee and BAME communities in Sheffield. We have  also started looking further afield, branching out into international development to support women in East Africa – where the founders originally came from – and are now working in partnership with organisations in Tanzania and Somalia.


What social impact do you have?


We are improving lives, educating communities and empowering women to become leaders and build healthy communities with skills and knowledge to create opportunities and manage their resources efficiently. 


How can others help you?

Work together and share resources, knowledge and ideas.  We are always looking to increase knowledge in our community to improve our service.

Agency For Good is helping us and working with us to promote our online and social media presence.

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